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We create and deploy supply chain solutions that align with your business objectives



First we review your current product offerings, life cycle and go-to-market strategies to help determine how to best support your business.



Next we conduct a thorough assessment of your current supply base to ensure that all partners are supporting best-in-class processes.



Finally we create a strategic transformation roadmap of cost improvement activities that deliver savings to your bottom line.

Here's How We Get Started:

Step 1: Procurement Assessment

Procurement Assessment is a 6-8 week evaluation where an organization’s people, process and spend are reviewed against best practices and benchmarks to identify gaps between current performance and practices and “best in class” organizations. Then specific improvement initiatives are identified and a strategic transformation roadmap developed.

This strategic roadmap includes:

  1. Create a baseline for current procurement capabilities using our quantitative and qualitative benchmarks
  2. Identify gaps vs. best practices
  3. Provide detailed report with recommendations and roadmap for steps to reaching procurement success

Step 2: Procurement Transformation

Procurement Transformation is a 6-24 month process that begins where an assessment ends. Steps are taken to close the gaps and implement changes detailed in the assessment report and roadmap.

The ultimate goal of a transformation is to:

  • Achieve tangible benefits that will deliver bottom-line results to your company
  • Improve the reach of procurement across corporate spend
  • Build/grow procurement’s reputation and position with key stakeholder groups
  • Create a momentum for continued change in procurement
  • Strengthen infrastructure and resources for long term growth & success

Why Choose PRS?

We Use a Holistic Approach to Achieve Your Goals


Category Management

The PRS Category Management framework drives value with a fact-based approach. Our goal is to create a custom plan that aligns procurement and supply chain with business strategy. Within this plan, we strive to integrate procurement and materials management into conversations with supply base and culture within your organization. Adopting a holistic and custom plan creates value through well-defined category strategies that proactively mitigate market risk and breaks in supply chain continuity.


Strategic Sourcing

Strategic sourcing is the backbone of any world-class supply chain. An effective strategic sourcing program typically generates 10% to 20% savings against a company’s external spend, making it an incredibly powerful value creation program.

Smart strategic sourcing also contributes to topline growth. Establishing targeted strategic supplier relationships and world-class supplier networks helps position procurement and supply chain organizations as drivers of enterprise growth and competitive advantage.


Supply Chain & Logistics

PRS helps senior business leaders address frequent supply chain disruptions. We’re dedicated to implementing and realizing measurable supply chain benefits with proven, deep functional business knowledge combined with strong analytic capabilities. By identifying measurable opportunities to drive significant savings and leverage strategic advantages in your supply chain, we provide expertise, tools, and resources to achieve your supply chain goals.

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